December 16, 2020
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March 11, 2021
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Shelf Bottom Mounted Runner for Pull Out Shelves

SALICE SHELF Bottom Mounted Runners for Pull-Out Shelves

  • Full-extension runner fixed to the shelf by clip.
  • SMOVE decelerated closing system.
  • A slight pressure of the frontal is sufficient for the shelf to self-open.
  • Dynamic load capacity: 30kg
  • Safety system that prevents the shelves from turning over.
  • Shelf height adjustment +2.5 mm with clip 10 710.
  • Shelf height adjustment +2.5 mm, side adjustment ±1.5 mm, depth adjustment ±2 mm with clip 10 750.
  • The shelf is held in the closed position.
  • Finish: bright zinc-plated.



Order Code Runner Length Recommended Retail Price*
SS-30-45 450mm RM197.00
SS-30-50 500mm RM200.00
SS-30-60 600mm RM208.00
AROSXXY Stopper RM 75.00
*Recommended retail price is for a complete set


Product Video          Installation PDF


SALICE Concealed Full Extension Drawer Runners

FUTURA – Fluid, silent and progressive sliding movement with either Smove decelerated Soft Close or Push Open for handless furniture.

UNICA – Two technologies in just one runner.  Combining the Smove decelerated Soft Close action with the self-opening Push Open for handless furniture.

SHELF – The Shelf runner for pull-out shelves with fixing on the bottom can be used in various contexts, allowing shelves to slide forward for easy access.

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