Culitec – culinary technology

The taste of our mother’s or grandmother’s cooking stays with us ever since our childhood and we often seek to replicate such flavours.  With advancing technology, appliances become savvier and more intelligent while retaining the same tried and tested traditional culinary methods of our parent’s times. Culitec aims to bring such cooking appliances to you.  Appliances where you can cook the same delicious dishes you enjoyed since young without the hassle and bustle, making cooking a breeze and no more a chore.  You too can continue passing on the wonders of Grandma’s secret recipes..…

Auto Link – The unique difference

Get smart appliances with Culitec’s unique auto link function.  Gas and electric hobs are linked to cooker hoods wirelessly so that when you turn on your hob to cook, your cooker hood automatically turns on as well.  When you are done cooking, your cooker hood will automatically turn itself off after one and half a minute.

Enjoy the convenience of this feature so that you can focus on the main task – cooking.

Our range

Cooker Hoods

Culitec cooker hoods are defined by their modern designs coupled with their high performance.  Made with high grade materials to ensure durability, these hoods are also equipped with powerful motors that can extract all steam and odours, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh as always.  Culitec cooker hoods can be paired wirelessly with either the electric or gas hobs to enjoy the auto link function.
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Gas Hobs

Culitec gas hobs are made with superior quality SUS 18/10 stainless steel and high heat-resistant tempered glass.  Durable and easy to maintain, these hobs are built with safety measures to ensure a peace of mind when cooking. Available in different widths and with different burner configuration, these gas hobs come with enough fire power to satisfy even the most discerning of chefs.
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Electric Hobs

Culitec electric hobs offer an alternative to gas cooking.   Induction hobs shorten cooking times, accurately control temperatures and minimise energy consumption by only heating up the base of the pan and not the rest of the surface area.  Cooking efficiency is thus 90%.  Culitec electric hobs use high quality SCHOTT CERAN black glass surface which offers excellent heat resistance and are easy to maintain.
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Culitec ovens are designed to offer the best in functionality with optimum performance.  Made with high grade materials, these ovens are durable and easy to maintain.  With a selection of useful functions available on hand, users can cook just about anything with these ovens.  Be it baking, roasting or grilling, oven cooking has never been such a breeze.
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