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July 29, 2022
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PIN SHELF Display Storage System

SALICE PIN SHELF Display Storage System

Alum or Titanium finish
• Max weight carried by 1 pair of holders is 7.5 kg
• Soft touch surface treatment
• Non-slip coating
• Mounted on profile strip (3 metres length)
• Maximum shelf depth is 160mm
• Profile strips can be surface mounted or recessed into wood panels


Key Features:

– Profile strip can be mounted on wall surface directly or recessed into wood panel

– Non-slip coating for securely holding object in place

– Soft-touch treatment on holders for velvety feel

– Holders can be positioned at any point along the profile strip

– Profile strip comes in 3 metre length and can be customized to any length as desired

– Creative and flexible arrangements of shelves of any material and positioned at any heights.


Order Code Type Finish Recommended Retail Price
D0CPXXK Holder Set Aluminum RM 105.00 per set
D0CPXXT Holder Set Titanium RM 105.00 per set
D0B3LU300-AL Profile Strip with screws Aluminum RM 439.00 per set
D0B3LU300-TI Profile Strip with screws Titanium RM 439.00 per set
*Recommended retail price is for 1 complete set of PIN Holder.  Profile strip to be ordered separately.

Installation PDF     Product Video


SALICE PIN SHELF Display Storage System

Personalisation and complete versatility

The Pin Shelf permits the most creative and flexible arrangements of shelves of any material, which can be positioned at any height desired.

Shelves with a maximum depth of 160 mm are highly recommended.

Available in aluminium and titanium finishes, complementing all kinds of room settings, furniture and applications, Pin features a special surface treatment with soft touch effect. This treatment optimises the functionality of the system by acting as a non-slip coating to keep the stored objects secure and stable on the brackets. The velvety soft touch surface treatment enhances Pin’s aesthetic value, making its design even more innovative and user-friendly.


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