Vintec. Wine Preservation Technology.


Company History

Our wine cabinets can offer proper storage for anywhere between 30 to 4000 bottles (from small under bench Home Wine Bars, to built-in Walk-in Cellars) and are designed to recreate the perfect storage conditions found in the best natural underground cellars. In particular, they protect your wines by:

– eliminating important temperature variations which denature your wines.
– maintaining humidity levels above 50%, so corks don’t dry and crack.
– keeping UV light away from your wine, with specially treated tinted glass doors.

VINTEC wine cabinets are distributed nationally through electrical appliance retailers and are recommended by the most respected wine critics. They are also chosen by leading architects and interior designers for use in their innovative kitchens and dining room designs.

VINTEC is the leading wine storage specialist: with a passion for innovation, design, functionality, and – of course – wine, Vintec wine cellars are the only choice for your wine storage needs.

Why a wine cabinet instead of a fridge?

Traditional refrigerators generate an intense cold environment which could dry out the corks and even worse, denature your wines. Our cabinets respect all conditions necessary for the preservation and maturation of your wines.

Wine Preservation Technology

Vintec wine cabinets are developed with the modern lifestyle in mind. Our models feature a whole range of technological advancements designed to preserve wine and features to integrate seamlessly into your living space. There is always a VINTEC wine cellar suited to your needs – from the smallest V30 – to the largest capacity V190, equipped with standard or electronic regulation, and set with single temperature, multitemperature, dual temperature zones. They are designed as free standing or built-in, under counter wine cellars, ideal for your living room, kitchen or restaurant. There is a Vintec design for your every needs being for long-term storage or ready to drink your red or white, still or sparkling wines.

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The quality of the materials, the innovative technology and the contemporary design make Vintec wine cellars the ideal solution for safeguarding your previous collection.


High humidity will cause molds whereas low humidity will cause corks to dry out. Vintec wine cellars are equipped with a system that recycles water from condensation, ensuring ideal humidity conditions for your wine.


All wines mature at the same temperature, which is a constant temperature set between 12oc to 14oc. Vintec presents a wide range of wine cellars offering single, dual and multi-temperature models to meet your cellaring needs.

Natural Ventilation

In order to prevent mould growth, which would generate bad odour and risk deteriorating the corks. Vintec provides natural permanent ventilation, introducing renewed air from the ambience into the cellar through an “air circulation” effect.


Slow, balanced-cycle compressors and wooden shelves are equipped in the Vintec wine cellars to reduce vibration to the minimum.

UV Protection

Light and UV rays rapidly destroy your wines by oxidizing the tannins. Vintec wine cellars safeguard your fines wines from harmful light and UV rays with solid plain door or anti-UV treated glass door options.